Week One: Snickerdoodles

The Snickerdoodle seems to be the cookie that everyone knows how to make except for me.  I had never made a Snickerdoodle in my life, and until recently, I was fairly certain that there were actual Snickers involved.  I had my first Snickerdoodle last year, when one of my favorite students brought them in to school and shared one with me.  I have to admit, it was pretty delicious.

So, when I began this challenge, I was pretty amped to give the Snickerdoodles a try.  I made them last night (Thursday) and by 3 PM today, all 4 dozen were gone. 

Follow the jump for more!

The wonderful thing about Snickerdoodles is that any baker will have all the ingredients readily available.  In my case, I had all except for the cream of tartar.  Now, I freely admit that I have never used cream of tartar before, nor do I really understand what it is, but I am fairly certain I know where it should be in a grocery store.  I stood for about 20 minutes staring at the spices and I swear that it did not exist.  So, no cream of tartar in my Snickerdoodles.



1 1/2 cup sugar

2 eggs

1 tsp vanilla

1 cup shortening (I used 2/3 veggie shortening and 1/3 butter)

1 tsp baking soda

2 3/4 cups flour (I used 2 1/4 cups)

cinnamon and sugar mixture for coating


The recipe called for shortening that was at least part butter or margarine, but I prefer to use vegetable shortening (for a myriad of reasons).  Instead, I used 2/3 cup shortening and 1/3 cup butter.  Mix those together, then add the flour, salt and soda.

I also wanted to take the opportunity to get a picture of my new flour sifter in action.  I still don’t really understand the point of a sifter (I’ve never had a problem with lumpy flour) but darn it, if it’s a baking tool, it’d better be in my kitchen.

With this recipe, I was pretty careful about how much flour I put in.  I ended up with about 1/2 cup less than the recipe called for.  I don’t know where the authors of this cookbook lived, but apparently they needed massive amounts of flour to get their cookies to come out alright.

As you can see, it came to a nice, thick, doughy texture.

Time to get rollin’!






1 inch balls






Rolling the balls of dough around in the sugar/cinnamon mixture may have been the best part.





Bake at 400 for 8-10 minutes.






Four dozen Snickerdoodles, gone in less than 24 hours.






These cookies came out more cake-like than I expected, but really delicious.  The recipe makes 6 dozen, but I burned one batch on the bottom (oops).  

These were a HUGE hit with everyone.  I took them to our Knit Night, and our bartender/friend Joe got a tummy ache from eating too many.  Today, I brought them to school and my two favorite students (including the original Snickerdoodle baker) couldn’t stop eating them.  In fact, Snickerdoodle girl ended up taking all the rest home with her.

Needless to say, I will be making these again.


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