Week One: Chocolate Yummies (and they can be vegan, too!)

This week, it was all about trying new things.  Yesterday afternoon, I ran to the store after work and picked up marshmallows, coconut, and some more flour – the perfect ingredients for Chocolate Yummies!  And man, were they yummy.  



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Week One: Chocolate Pinwheels


Betty's Pinwheels



For my first foray into Crocker-dom, I decided to try out these Chocolate Pinwheels.  I had 2 squares of unsweetened chocolate to get rid of, and these bad boys fit the bill.  




Recipe and more pictures after the cut.


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Part One: The Challenge.

My favorite cookies have always come from the iconic Betty Crocker Cooky Book.  My mother had an ancient copy of it as I was growing up, and when I moved off to college and finally had a kitchen of my own, she bought me a brand new copy of my favorite sweet cookbook.  Up until now, I’ve stuck with the family favorite of the Old-fashioned Oatmeal Cookies, which are always a hit.  However, I have decided to challenge myself to cook every cookie in this book.  


So, once a week, I will bake up a new batch of cookies from one of the recipes in this book, and chronicle my experiences here, in this blog.